Greenbridge Technology are the UK's leading consumer electronics repair & claims management Company. Our Clients include the leading Insurance Companies, Extended Warranty Companies and High-Street Retailers. We serve end-customers on behalf of these blue-chip clients.

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Trusted by the UK’s leading retailers and insurers

Multi-brand specialists
We repair all different brands of consumer electronics, saving our clients the need to contract with multiple suppliers for a single commodity group. This reduces the complexity of their supply chain and allows for more efficient claims management processes.
Industry-leading repair-rate
Last year Greenbridge Technology repaired 86% of devices sent to us by our customers. Our primary objective is to get customers' devices fixed and returned to them as quickly as is possible. This industry-leading repair rate is the central pillar of Greenbridge's commitment to deliver large cost-savings to our Clients, and to minimise the amount of electrical waste being generated from our claim flows. Greenbridge Technology delivers low average costs per claim for our Clients as well as a great environmental outcomes.
Best-in-class SLAs
Due to our extensive onsite inventory of spare parts, we are able to commit to quick turn-around-times which are communicated upfront to both our clients and their end customers, setting expectations from the very start of the claim.
Modern customer experience
By combining modern communication methods such as Live Chat, Chat Bots and Whatsapp messaging with the conventional contact centre model, we are able to cater for the traditional customer whilst offering an optional round the clock self-service millennial experience.
API and Integration Solutions
We are able to offer a full suite of integration methods for our clients. From manual claim uploads, to CSV and FTP transfers, to our industry leading suite of ready-to-go RESTful APIs, our IT Team can handle it all. All Greenbridge systems are regularly penetration tested and vulnerability scanned and fully supported by a real-time replicated backup layer in the Microsoft Azure stack.

Customer Journey

Our mission is to provide world class customer satisfaction which can be delivered in a manner which suites the individual. Our Contact Centre is always happy to help and offer a personal service, whilst some customers prefer the live chat or messaging experience. Our multi-channel customer service approach combines a broad range of contact options with regular claim updates via SMS and our self-service customer portal. Greenbridge customers are always kept up to date with their claim’s progress and timeline.

What we repair

We repair the full range of consumer electronic devices. We are constantly adding to our list of covered devices as technology continues to develop and evolve. Whether it is a brand new Macbook, an old iPod, a drone or a Gaming PC, Greenbridge Technology have it covered.

Common fixes

Most of the equipment sent by customers to Greenbridge has had a tough time.  Whether it is a device that has had its screen cracked, it has had a drink spilled on it, or the power connector has snapped – Greenbridge Engineers will have seen it all before.  We can normally repair devices using in-house spare parts, ensuring the fastest turnaround times for repairs within the industry.

Advanced repairs

Our technical repair capability is outstanding. Our team are able to repair devices down to motherboard component level by utilising our extensive cutting-edge industrial repair equipment, clean room and in house expertise. We are specialists in repairing liquid damaged devices.


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Claims Management

We are proud to work with many Extended Warranty Providers, Home Insurance Companies and leading retailers who trust us. We offer an end-to-end claim & repair solution for our Clients that is fully comprehensive and self-contained. Once instructed, we handle the claim from device collection to settlement, and take control of the customer journey and responsibility for the customer experience.

Claims validation

All claims pass through a rigorous inspection process. By fraud screening all claims for irregularities and malicious damage we provide feedback to clients to help protect their spend.

Customer portal

Customers receive access to their claim online where they can view claim details, SLAs, repair reports, access guides and communicate with us directly.

Management Information

Our systems produce detailed MI reports for our clients, allowing them to monitor our performance over time and track key KPIs and SLAs. Reporting can be setup at a frequency to meet the requirements of our clients.

Reverse Logistics

Consumer electronic returns can be very tricky for retailers and etailers due to the possibility of personal customer data residing on the devices. It is of critical importance that such returns are handled in a sensitive and compliant manner before re-entering their supply chain. Product screening is also required detect any possible issues which have been missed or mis-diagnosed within their retail network.

Data cleansing

All devices are wiped of any customer data using globally recognised cleansing software. Each device will receive it’s own serialised data wiping certificate to provide an audit history and confirm compliance.

Destruction certificates

In instances where devices cannot be wiped due to excessive damage or unavailable parts, we are able to obtain WEEE transfer and destruction certificates from our Approved Authorised Treatment Facility (AATF) Partner.

iCloud-locked devices

Where devices are sent to Greenbridge locked to the iCloud and it cannot be removed by the customer, we are able to extract value from these devices by breaking them down for spare parts to utilise within our supply chain. We use industry leading data erasure software coupled with our partnership with an AATF to handle data sensitive aspects of this workflow.




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Clean Room

Our Values

Environmental Responsibility

Greenbridge are leading the fight to prevent electronic devices entering into landfill sites, through prolonging the useful life of devices through repair. We prevented 40,000 devices last year being written off and discarded. Greenbridge are at the forefront of protecting our Clients' P&L's as well as the environment. A great combination!

Corporate Responsibility

Greenbridge Technology take it’s legal and compliance responsibilities seriously and are always looking for additional ways to improve. Environmental (WEEE), data protection (GDPR) and employment compliance is maintained and resources are made available to meet or exceed our legal obligations.

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