How to remove your iCloud account from any device


Login to

Go to and login with your Apple ID and password. If you do not know this, please contact Apple for support.


Click on "Find iPhone"

Find the green circular radar icon which says “Find iPhone”, it will say iPhone even if you have an iPad.


Click "All Devices"

Once loaded, click on the “All Devices” dropdown. This will should all devices connected to your iCloud account, this may be one or many. Click on the device you wish to remove.


Device Selected

Once you have clicked on the device, you will see the dropdown has changed from “All Devices” to your specific device, in this example “iPhone”, click on the down arrow next to it.


Remove Device

Click on the small “x” on the right hand side of your device.


Click on Remove

When the box pops up, click on “Remove”. Once loaded your iCloud has been removed from the device.

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