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Validation Services


Greenbridge Technology offers an end-to-end range of services to assist Insurance companies and Warranty Management companies deal with their consumer electronics obligations. Our claim management and warranty management service portfolio includes:

- A dedicated 50 person call centre team specialising in insurance claim processing, fraud prevention / detection and technical product enquiries and after-sales support.

- A consumer electronics multi-vendor product diagnosis / repair / salvage team with the capacity to repair in excess of 90,000 products per annum. Our repair team, repair technologies and internal software ensure industry leading repair rates, asset recoveries and value extraction.

- A fully integrated end-to-end solution which includes handling product replacements and delivery/pick-up logistics.

- Industry leading customer communication and reporting software including customer web portals, email/SMS updates and electronic invoicing.

- DOA screening and repackaging services customised for national and international retailers and distributors.

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