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Ebay Integration Revolutionises Greenbridge Technology’s Salvage Operation


Despite being the Company with the leading repair rates in our sector, Greenbridge Technology doesn’t claim to be able to fix everything that comes through our doors.  Retailers, Insurance Companies and Maintenance Companies regularly send in equipment to us which are classified as BER – Beyond Economical Repair. What sets Greenbridge apart from our competitors is the efficiency with which we handle these non-repairable units.

Our state-of-the-art stock systems allow us to run the most efficient parts salvaging operation in the industry. By increasing the parts utilisation rate from these BER units we push up repair rates by reusing tested parts in future repairs. We also increase the value extraction from these units by having direct integrations with various selling platforms on which we can sell these salvaged parts to third parties – and we can share this revenue stream with our clients.

As a high-volume and intricate business the key to ensuring effective value extraction from BER units revolve around attention to detail, detailed market and product knowledge and robust and efficient internal software and system integrations. As Director Mark Roughley commented, ‘Being able to extract value from non-repairable laptops, netbooks, desktops, smartphones and tablets relies upon outstanding internal stock systems, product knowledge and integrations with high volumes online marketplaces. Greenbridge Tec hnology offers a unique bundled service to our clients which maximises value extraction and automates our service to make it both cost effective and robust to high volumes of tear-down’.

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