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Mitel Call Centre Integrations


One of the key services offered by Greenbridge Technology is call centre support. Whether it is insurance claim management and validation, servicing standard or extended warranty programs, or dealing with DOA screening and warranties on behalf of national retailers – all of these process involve an integrated requirement for a technical call centre.

Greenbridge Technology’s contact centre employs the Mitel CallView Platform, which is directly integrated with both our repair flow and our logistics/courier systems. This ensures that blue-chip clients can rest assured that our contact centre will handle high volumes of technical customer calls in an efficient, standardised and auditable way. The operation of call scripts and call recording equipment ensures that fraud screening and customer compliants are dealt with in a robust and sensitive fashion.

With a 50 person capacity call centre Greenbridge Technology is able to provide industry-leading technical call handling services to our blue-chip customers. With a seamless integration between our contact centre and our internal repair processes ensures customers benefits from synergies and cost savings throughout our vertically integrated service portfolio.

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