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Greenbridge Technology Gets to Grips with Apple Ipad Repairs


Greenbridge Technology is pleased to announce the commencement of our Apple Ipad repair services to our customer base. Apple tablets are causing an increasing headache for insurance companies, retailers and warranty providers due to the high cost and fragile nature of these items. Unlike many repair houses, Greenbridge is able to offer a repair service that utilises only original OEM parts from providers such as Foxconn and TPK. Given our huge stock of original replacement parts we are now able to reduce the cost and turnaround times of our Apple Ipad reverse logistics operation.

Greenbridge is able to offer a comprehensive tablet repair service which includes screen and digitiser replacements, power socket replacements, liquid damage repairs and plastic replacements. Given the high cost and fragility of these items, Greenbridge is successfully saving our customer base money each and every day from their tablet replacement budgets through industry leading repair services, comprehensive OEM parts provision and intelligent utilisation of parts from non-repairable units.

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