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The Impact of the Apple Revolution in Insurance Circles

When it comes to talking technology, it isn’t long before the conversation inevitably turns to the topic of Apple. Whether you are talking about the laptop market, the smartphone market or the tablet market, the footprint that Apple has left is unmistakable. A more recent area where Apple is starting to have an impact however is the insurance market.

Over the last 12 months many more customers have begun to notice insurance household insurance policies or extended warranty programs that explicitly exclude Apple products. The reason behind this is simple – maintenance companies and insurance companies have struggled to cost-effectively deal with Apple repairs and replacements. The first thing to note is that Apple products are notoriously expensive to replace when compared to other brands – which makes the repair rates even more crucial. The next problem is that since Apple has such a restrictive and tight control over replacement parts, many repair houses struggle to get the replacement parts required to conduct cost effective Apple repairs.

Greenbridge Technology has positioned itself as the industry leader when it comes to offering cost effective claim handling and repair services when it comes to servicing Apple Iphones, Ipads and laptops. Due to our OEM supply chains and our intelligent salvage operations we are able to offer industry leading repair rates for retailers, insurers and warranty providers.

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