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IT recycling


Greenbridge Technology is at the forefront of the IT recycling and corporate clearance industry. Our proven framework for architecting and deploying high-performance solutions adapted to our customers’ unique objectives and requirements consistently delivers efficiency, flexibility, scalability and transparency for our customers.

No matter the scale or nature of the project, our customers can expect full auditability and certification of our disposal processes ensuring full statutory compliance. Our disposal processes are synthesised with industry-leading value extraction and liquidation procedures thus delivering clients the optimal mix of brand management, value extraction, and rapid liquidation cycles.

Greenbridge Technology ensures fully ethical and legally compliant environmental disposal using only audited downstream vendors. Whether it is data security and destruction, or the provision of zero electronics landfill guarantees, our clients can rest assured that all government legislation is complied with through a transparent and ethical approach. Our internal processes and controls reflect the close public scrutiny many of our clients are exposed to, and therefore the proper disposal of our clients’ electronic waste represents a critical plank in our service offering.



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