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As the number of laptops, smartphones and tablets in circulation has grown exponentially, we have also seen an increase in the number of organisations underwriting extended warranties for consumers on such products. These include specialist insurance underwriters, retailers and manufacturers.

Greenbridge Technology represents the ideal servicing and repair partner for such underwriters. We offer our clients a repair capacity in excess of 90,000 units per annum, access to technical call handling services in our 50-person capacity call centre and industry leading repair rates, and value extraction services. By offering an unparalleled vertical integration which fuses OEM parts supply chains, state of the art workshop repair facilities and an advanced software reporting suite – we are able to relentlessly lower costs and increase repair rates and value extraction on the claims we handle.

Our services are designed and tailored to each individual customer’s requirements. Fraud detection, processing of excess premium customer payments, handling pick-up and drop-off logistics and complying with recycling obligations are all core areas of our claim-repair flow. One of the things that set Greenbridge Technology apart from the competition is the advanced workshop repair capability we deliver to our clients. Our Team are experts in motherboard repairs, liquid damage repairs and BGA Rework, which ensures  our clients enjoy the very best repair and recovery rates in the industry.

Greenbridge Technology offer clients a broad spectrum of repair and servicing capabilities. Our inspection and repair teams, call centre teams and our OEM parts supply chain currently come together to offer end-to-end solutions to clients for the following listed product mix:






Games Consoles


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